Midwest Alliance for Mindfulness

Mindfulness Book Club: How Compassion Can Transform Our Politics, Economy and Society
with Tracy Ochester, PsyD, RYT-200

February 13 (Monday)
at 6:00 pm

Class length
90 minutes

Online via Zoom

Can compassion change the world? Join Tracy Ochester, PsyD for a community exploration of How Compassion Can Transform Our Politics, Economy and Society through the wisdom of experts across disciplines. This book explores the evidence for the transformative potential of compassion as the foundation for a thriving society and proposes a detailed plan to solve the seemingly intractable problems facing humanity and our planet home. 

Every chapter offers deep insights and wisdom into how a compassionate philosophy can help future politicians understand their role, make decisions, and help others. It is a Manifesto for change that can be read by political scientists and philosophers, psychologists, activist, public servants, and voters. There are truths here for everyone... whoever you are and whatever has brought you here, you will find inspiration and hope…  compassionate politics, governing in the interests of all rather than appealing to a narrow set of party supporters, is possible.”  - Alf Dubs, British Labour politician and former Member of Parliament

  • When: 5 Monday evenings from 6-7:30 pm US Central Time Feb 13 -  Mar 13, 2023
  • Where: Online via Zoom (Your Zoom link will arrive with your registration confirmation email)
  • Cost: $100 (MAM members use discount code MEMBERS20 at checkout for 20% off - membership is as low as $15 per month. In accordance with our value of generosity, those with extreme financial need are welcome to use our "Pay What You Can" pass which you should purchase first before registering)

No refunds are given after the start of the course. No makeup meetings are offered for missed classes. In the unlikely event that the course is canceled, you will receive a full refund of the registration fee.

Schedule - We will cover about 50 pages per meeting during which we will sample some of the practices, cover key concepts, engage in mindful discussion, and offer between session contemplation and practice suggestions:
  • Class 1: The nuts and bolts of compassion

  • Class 2: Compassion and hate, business and climate

  • Class 3: Compassion and crime, culture and economics

  • Class 4: Compassion and immigration, justice, and social security

  • Class 5: The how of transformation


"This book brings together an impressive collection of influential thinkers and activists that provides not only a key foundational text for the study of human compassion over the coming decade, but also a profoundly important manifesto for the creation of a better and more compassionate society. Grounded in rigorous scholarship, the book leaves the reader in no doubt of the continued importance of human connectedness and our enduring capacity for kindness and is a shining torchlight of hope showing us that there is a way out of the current bleakness casting a dark shadow over modern day society." - David Scott, Senior Lecturer in Criminology, Open University

"Compassion is the foundation for a thriving society and we have mounting evidence for its transformative impact - in our communities, schools, organisations and beyond. At this time of growing divisions in our society and toxicity in our politics, this insightful and evidence-based book is urgently needed. Together we can bring out the good side of human nature and build a better world." - Mark Williamson, CEO Action for Happiness

"In a world split by vicious political divisions, threatened by climate change, and riven with inequality, we need a new politics. Divisions cannot be healed with hate or by politics built on fear, blame and resentment. We need politics built on compassion, empathy and understanding. This book is a blueprint for a shared, equitable and sustainable future based on humane values." - Deeyah Khan


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