Midwest Alliance for Mindfulness

Morning Mindfulness Practice
with Julia Billquist, LMLP


December 8 (Thursday)
at 7:00 am (GMT-06:00)

Class length
45 minutes

Online via Zoom

Make mindfulness your morning ritual with this half hour of "just sitting" online via Zoom. Practicing together helps us stay consistent and inspires us through connection with other likeminded humans. Find a cozy and quiet spot in your home or outdoors, crack open your car windows in the parking lot at work, or close your office door, to start your day with greater calm and presence. Your facilitator will briefly guide you in intention setting and settling into presence,. The bell will sound to mark the start and end of the session, and you are welcome to enjoy the silent mindfulness practice of your choosing.  Your guide will let you know when 15 and 30 minutes have passed so that you can end your practice whenever you feel is right for you. Those who remain at the end of the practice time will be gently guided out of the practice. There will be time at the end for optional community reflection if you 'd like to stay for that.

No refunds are provided for missed classes. You can read about our online etiquette here https://mindfulness-alliance.org/offerings/online-offerings/.


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