Mosaic Series: Breathing Space for Women
June 4 (Friday) at 9:00 am (GMT-05:00)

Online Class

Guest Instructor
Class length
3 hours
Midwest Alliance for Mindfulness 11100 Ash Street Suite 103 Leawood, KS 66211
Just as a mosaic is a beautiful masterpiece composed of many diverse and interesting pieces, this four-part series brings together a variety of practices and perspectives to help women become the artisans of their own lives. It is designed to provide busy women with a hard stop on the calendar, a place to breathe, a community within which to find a voice, and the encouragement to trust what they hear. Collaborators are mindfully chosen by the facilitator to provide experiential learning of concepts that can be fleeting and hard to grasp in rhythm of daily life. Together they will help you pause and breathe, investigate new concepts with curiosity through personal exploration, and engage in self-study between sessions to bring together the masterpiece that is your life. Four Fridays from 9 am - noon. 

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Session 1 - Embracing Your Space, Letting Go of Busy: What's on the outside reflects what's on the inside. When calendars, commitments and rushing around take the place of being right where you are, things get out of whack. Tapping into the quietness inside of you leads to clarity, peace, creativity and innovation. Trust me, YOU have quiet inside. Let's find it together.

Session 2 - Embracing Enough, Letting Go of Scarcity: Most of us keep a harried pace so we avoid our feelings of lack. We prove our worth, hustle for our value, and drown out the voice inside saying YOU ARE ENOUGH. Getting even a brief glimpse of that place of worthiness and love transforms how you see yourself and the world. The spiral of scarcity keeps the hustle in place. We’ll practice accessing our enough-ness so we can help others do the same.

Session 3 - Embracing What You Want, Letting Go of Shoulds and Have Tos: What do you want? Why does it seem so elusive? We aren't trained to listen deeply to ourselves. We're trained to listen to the needs of others, especially as women. Our tendency is to get into the rhythm of others and lose the beat of our own hearts. Let's explore what we want together; exploring what you want in community helps you differentiate your core motivation and see your own next steps more clearly.

Session 4 - Embracing Your Voice, Letting Go of Competition, Comparison and the Inner Critic: You know those moments you feel empowered, alive, on purpose and connected? That's the big idea here. What if you brought your whole self to every moment? What if we practiced listening to our voices together? Many times, we are overwhelmed by one voice inside our heads rather than giving all voices equal influence. For some, the critic is the loud mouth. For others, their emotions feel super loud. All of these voices inform and have influence. Let's practice integrating them together.

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