Mindful Movement & Meditation
January 18 (Monday) at 5:45 pm (GMT-06:00)

Online Class

Shane Ledford, CMT-200, CYT-200
Class length
1 hour
Mindfulness isn’t only a stillness practice. Moving mindfully helps us bring awareness and presence into our daily lives and many of us find it easier to enter stillness after we move. With this in mind our trained mindfulness/yoga teachers will lead you through 20-30 minutes of gentle mindful movement practice designed to unite body and mind followed by 20-30 minutes of stillness meditation and community discussion. Pre-registration is required to guarantee your spot. 

Attend online via Zoom by default or contact us at least 24 hours before the class begins to reserve a seat on site (space is limited). If you're practicing with us online, please place your camera in such a way that the teacher can see your whole body so they can provide you with feedback as needed. You can read about our online etiquette here https://mindfulness-alliance.org/offerings/online-offerings/.

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