Ikebana: Art of Mindful Flower Arrangement
April 3 (Saturday) at 2:00 pm

Cathan Kabrelian, CMT-200
Class length
2 hours
Midwest Alliance for Mindfulness 11100 Ash Street Suite 103 Leawood, KS 66211
Ikebana, or mindful flower arrangement, is one of three classical Japanese arts of refinement and discipline. Emerging from a long tradition of appreciating native seasonal flowers and plants, several systems developed to bring these natural elements alive in their vases representing nature’s beauty and elements, communicating emotions and intentions without words, and uniting nature with humanity. All of Japan’s most celebrated generals were Ikebana masters because it provided them with valuable training, calming the mind, cultivating patience and acceptance, and facilitating clear decision making.

This two hour workshop is designed to help participants deepen their mindfulness and creativity through the practice of Ikebana. A variety of flowers and a simple vase will be included in the cost of the class, but you are also welcome to bring in your own materials if preferred. A brief history of the art form will be offered, you will be guided in meditative practices, and instructed in the design of a unique creation to take home with you or gift to a loved one.

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