Teachings for Teachers
January 24 (Sunday) at 4:00 pm (GMT-06:00)

Online Class

Erik Hulse, CMT-200
Class length
1 hour 30 minutes
Teachings for Teachers is a once per month gathering of our community mindfulness teachers and professional members in which we share teachings and practices from our favorite senior teachers. Participating teachers take turns choosing topics that have resonated with them and bring their own unique perspective to the experience. In this way we all become exposed to a wider variety of imaginative, enriching and useful teaching styles and experiences. The inquiry and discussion generated is not only a great learning experience, it provides us with a sense of community and connection.

This class is FREE to our teachers and professional members and is offered online via Zoom until further notice (read about our online etiquette).  Please pre-register using this form and the Zoom URL will be emailed to you. Non-member teachers can attend by purchasing a pass here:
A 2014 study identified four important roles a mindfulness teacher fulfills for their students: modeling embodiment, providing a sense of empowerment, engaging with non-reactivity, and offering peer support. Having a teacher who is further along than we are in their realization provides us with a powerful role model for the work we are doing in the world. Sadly, in many parts of the US including here in Kansas City, this is very difficult to find locally (in terms of secular teachers) and it can be quite expensive to travel across the country with the frequency that is needed to establish a deep connection.

Studying on our own is important and we have done that when we must, but the power of an in-person connection cannot be replicated through reading, listening to podcasts and watching videos. There is a sanskrit term, sangha, which describes the practice of being in community. It is maybe one of the highest and most challenging, but one of the most transformational practices I know of. In some ways that is what we are building at MAM, a sangha of secular mindfulness teachers. If you are a Kansas City area mindfulness teacher who is feeling isolated and alone out there, give us a shout out and we’d be glad to talk to you about our teacher’s sangha.

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