Mindfulness and Stress Reduction for Men
February 13 (Saturday) at 9:00 am

Erik Hulse, CMT-200
Class length
4 hours
Have you struggled with your role or identity as a man at work and/or within your close family or partner relationships? Do you criticize yourself in an overly harsh way? Do you find yourself demanding more and more of yourself? Are you running yourself down trying to ‘get it right’? There's a more skillful way to navigate life’s challenges. Mindfulness and self compassion aren’t skills that men are traditionally taught in childhood, however these are essential skills for men to live happy and productive lives.

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Shane LedfordErik Hulse

Men face a myriad of challenges that can negatively impact their health and well being, but tend to refrain from seeking help as a result of personal and societal barriers. The effects of male gender socialization, societal shifts in the areas of masculine roles, identities and expectations often conspire to prevent men from pursuing the very practices that can offer the greatest relief from suffering.

In this half-day seminar offered online via Zoom, we’ll draw from the best practices of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), Emotional Intelligence and Yoga to explore the causes of human distress, and offer pathways to relieving suffering through formal and informal mindfulness practices within the context of the contemporary male experience. Participants will learn to cultivate greater emotional self-regulation, empathy and  relational skills. 

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