Midwest Alliance for Mindfulness

Midwest Alliance for Mindfulness: Who We Are 2022
November 13, 2022

The teachers of Midwest Alliance for Mindfulness 2022 https://mindfulness-alliance.org/about

We are a community of trained mindfulness teachers working together to bring the practices and attitudes of mindfulness to everyone who feels they might benefit from it. We are made up of folks who lived all our lives in the Kansas City metro and surrounding areas, as well as more recent transplants. Some of us were born in the United States and some were born in other countries. We’re made up of native English, Spanish and German speakers as well as folks for whom English is a second language. We are women, men and gender expansive people; queer people and LGBTQIA+ allies. We are adult children, human and pet parents, grandparents, and people who are childless by choice. We are Black, LatinX, and multiracial people as well as white allies. We are sighted and legally blind people. We are Christian, Buddhist, atheist, agnostic and spiritual people; politically affiliated and unaffiliated. We are oppressed and advantaged people; our ancestors were enslaved, colonized and displaced people, as well as those who oppressed others. We are students, veterans, caregivers, teachers, artists, activists, mental health professionals, salespeople, and retired people. We all practice mindfulness.